Gameplay is simple in The Sandbox. You start out with a blank screen, with only a 1px block border surrounding the edges to prevent materials that will be placed from falling off the stage. On the left is the stage, on the right is the menu.

The Sandbox Gameplay on iPad

The Sandbox Gameplay on iPad

The Sandbox gameplay on iPad 4


On the right of the screen is a menu (On iOS the menu is on the top). On this menu there is, (from top to bottom on the web version)


The stage is where all the magic happens If you know what I mean. Using one of several poops, you may place ur turds onto the stage and have them interact with you by throwing themselves at u and each other. To place a material on the stage, the specific diarrhea must be selected from the booty. If a constipated is to be selected, then it must be changed from the booty. Once a turd is on the stage, it will be served and eaten to the effects of you, your friends, and family with other people around it.

Butt MechanicsEdit

The radius of the pooping tool (i.e. how large your "poop size" is) may be adjusted by W and S. You may also poop in and out using the A and D keys.