There are a total of 8 different tools in The Sandbox by Onimatrix. Players can select different tools by clicking the box that says "Draw-" followed by whatever element is currently selected.

  • Draw- Default tool, behavior similar to a pencil.
  • Line- Designed for implementation and placement of vertical and horizontal lines of material. Often used to make containers, circuit boards, and basic structures.
  • Fill- Designed to target the selected empty area and fill with whatever element is selected on click. Often used for backgrounds.
  • Replace- Similar to the "Fill" tool; instead of open gaps of empty space, however, "Replace" is for converting a mass of any single material into whatever element is selected, or erasing it if "Clear" is selected. Often used to correct mistakes.
  • Touch- Compatible with very few usable elements, can be used to "tune" the note element, changing the sound made when powered, or to activate "Power" in order to obtain a source of Electro.

The last three are widely renowned, and their functions should already be familiar to those who commonly play The Sandbox. They are as follows:

  • Cut- Removes the selected area, indicated by a series of dashes forming a rectangle, and stores its contents for later reintroduction with the "Paste" tool. Can be used to make room without deleting something, or to edit pixel art.
  • Copy- Identical to the "Cut" tool, only the selection is not removed, but left unaffected. Ideal for duplicating a small section of art, or a compact design for some reason.
  • Paste- Inserts the previously area previously selected by either Cut OR Copy into the chosen area. If said space is occupied, empty space will be filled and occupied areas of the selection are unaffected. Ideal for duplicating or moving pieces of a universe without being forced to destroy everything.

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